Currag Blackstone was the son and heir to Earl Blackstone on the Moonshae Isles. He died suddenly in mysterious circumstances in 1365 DR.


Currag was summoned to the gate of Earl Blackstone's manor on a rainy night when an old, grey-haired man approached an inner gate, having inexplicably overcome a 20' (6.1m) palisade. Currag initially reacted with hostility to the old man, setting the family's pack of moorhounds on him. The old man was able to stop the moorhounds with a spoken command, and send them fleeing with another. Currag then took the sword of one of the manor's guards and stabbed the old man, who appeared to fall over and die. The next morning, Currag's body was found lying on the stone paving, apparently having fallen 40' (12.2m), displaying a terrified expression.[1]


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