Curse of the Azure Bonds is the second title in the four-game Forgotten Realms series of computer role-playing games developed and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. It is the sequel to Pool of Radiance. The game was based on the novel Azure Bonds and the module Curse of the Azure Bonds. Characters from the novel appear in the game to aid the party.


Picking up where Pool of Radiance left off, the party has departed Phlan for Tilverton where they plan to search for the runaway princess of Cormyr. However, before they arrive, they are waylaid by brigands who render them unconscious. The party wakes up in a Tilverton inn, finding themselves healed, but with their equipment missing. Even more worrisome, each party member has five azure bonds imprinted on their forearm.

The party must uncover the meaning of their bonds and learn how to free themselves from their terrible curse. In doing so they will need to confront the evil powers behind the scheme, who call themselves the New Alliance.


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