Cyclopes were one-eyed giants that originally came from the Feywild.[2]


Cyclopes were one of the smallest types of giants, standing only twelve feet (four meters) and weighing 1,200 pounds (540 kilograms),[3] but they were as strong as the average stone giant.[6] Both males and females were bald and had spiked heads instead of hair.[citation needed] Cyclopes had earthy skin tones that blended with their surroundings.[7] Some cyclops were depicted as having hair.[8]

The most peculiar and distinguishing thing about cyclopes was the fact that they only had one large eye in the middle of their foreheads. It tended to be the same as the color of their skin. This eye was rumored to cause fear in any who looked at it. Their single eye gave them poor depth perception, however, and therefore they couldn't use missile weapons very well.[7]


Cyclopes could throw boulders[4] like all giant-kin, but with less accuracy than normal because of their single eye.[7] They had great strength and make excellent warriors, but they were also very intelligent and made good wizards and clerics. Cyclopes that lived in the Underdark could move rather stealthily and were accustomed to the darkness of the underworld. They were also amazing blacksmiths and crafted powerful items for their masters.[citation needed]


While cyclopes stated they descended from the line of Annam, most giants thought these brutes came from one of Othea's trysts.[9]



Cyclopes were taught that they should listen unfailingly to their masters but always to take command of those weaker then themselves. They admired physical and mental fitness and would act as loyal servitors to those who could bend their will. The one-eyes brutally beat any slave that did not follow their commands. They hated most other races and were unwilling to work with goodly ones. They trusted only themselves and their masters, forging alliances that they knew they had the upper hand in.[citation needed]


Cyclops society was based on servitude, but not necessarily slavery. They did not have any kingdoms of their own but helped create the beautiful cities that their masters lived in. From an early age, they were taught that they were a great race and only worthy creatures (those that were stronger than them) could become their masters. The one-eyes were arrogant and ambitious but did not overstep their boundaries. Cyclopes would stab their superiors in the back and crush their inferiors without a thought. They were rude, cruel, and mean to all but themselves and their masters.[citation needed]


Cyclopes worshiped Grolantor because they admired his power and might over giant-kin.[3] His cyclopian clergy were obsessed with pleasing him and his clerics were constantly preaching his words.[citation needed]

Cyclops that had masters of different races worshiped different deities, such as Lolth, Gruumsh, Thrym, Bane, or Shar. These cyclopes were not as devoted as they were to Grolantor but worshiped them nonetheless because that was what their master desired.[citation needed]


Cyclopes made many different and powerful magical and non-magical items. They forged mithral armor and adamantine blades with ease. Their most proficient blacksmiths could forge rings of great magical power and swords with blades of lightning.[10] The one-eyes also made magical clothing such as gloves, cloaks, boots, belts, and robes. Cyclopians also brewed deadly poisons that could kill with a single drop.[citation needed]


Neverwinter MMO - Creature - Cyclops (Hewer - Storm Shaman)

A pair of cyclopes.

They usually served as bodyguards, blacksmiths, and soldiers for more powerful masters.[2]

Relationships with other racesEdit

Cyclopes hated most races but like all giant-kin they hated the dwarves most of all. They generally kept orcs, goblins, ogres, and bugbears as slaves. Common cyclopian allies (masters) were drow and fomorians.[citation needed]


Cyclopes did not have their own cities but lived in their masters cities, including:

When not living in cities, many cyclopes lived in caves, ruins, or forests:

Notable cyclopesEdit

Cyclops - comics

Chancil Crystalheart summoning a cyclops to beat Conner.

In the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, the mage Chancil Crystalheart of Memnon summoned a cyclops to beat Conner to death but eventually relented and dispelled the summons.[8]



In the 2nd-edition Monstrous Manual and the 3rd-edition Shining South, the plural version of cyclops is spelled "cyclopes". In the 4th-edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, this was changed to "cyclopses". The original spelling "cyclopes" was restored in the 5th-edition Monster Manual.


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