Cymmarraa was a young wizard who was once Manshoon's apprentice and lover, as were her sisters and her mother. Elminster used her to spy on Manshoon while he was lord of Westgate. He placed a powerful spell on Cymmarraa which prevented her from dying. Unfortunately, for Cymmarraa, the spell turned out to be a curse.[1]

Manshoon sent Cymmarraa's mother and sisters to battle Elminster and they were all slain. He then literally stabbed Cymmarraa in the back, but, because of the spell Elminster placed on her, she was unable to die. Caught between life and death, with a dagger in her chest she was unable to remove without becoming undead, Cymmarraa spent the decades after the Spellplague plotting revenge on both Elminster and Manshoon.[1]

She managed to accumulate numerous Blueflame items and hoped to use the ghosts contained within to kill El and Manshoon. Cymmarraa traveled to Suzail where she killed the young noble Marlin Stormserpent and took the two Blueflame items he owned. She was destroyed in Shadowdale by the Simbul in 1479 DR.[1]


Cymmarraa had white skin and large dark eyes. The dagger Manshoon stabbed her with stuck out from her chest.[1]


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