Cynosure was a small plane located very close―cosmologically speaking―to Toril. It was a plane only accessible to deities, and they could only access it from within their own domains. The plane was considered neutral ground by all the powers of Faerûn, and was used as a meeting ground to settle disputes[1] and decide upon punishments for those deities who upset the Balance (as defined by the guidelines Ao left).[citation needed]

The only way in and out of Cynosure was through the portals leading to each deity's realm, and it could not be accessed by spells that normally allowed planar travel, so the plane could not be used as a way station as Toril could. There could at times be several deities meeting in Cynosure, and yet other times the demiplane lay empty for extended periods of time.[2]

While portals from Cynosure led to the realms of the Elemental Lords, none of them had ever been known to appear on the meeting plane.[citation needed]



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