The dabus are a race unique to Sigil and are the personal entourage of the Lady of Pain.[1]‎ Dabus are humanoids with white hair, goatlike horns and yellow-tan skin. They float inches above the ground, their feet never touching the earth. The dabus speak only through visual rebuses, with symbols that materialize and fill the air above their heads. They can understand spoken language.[2]‎ Dabus do not have names.[citation needed]

The dabus report to and follow to the letter the unspoken orders of the Lady of Pain. They are routinely found maintaining the city of Sigil, building walls, destroying buildings, paving streets, maintaining portals according to the Lady's wishes. Despite the dabus' patient nature, interrupting or standing in the way of their work is a risky affair that may land one in one of the Lady's mazes.[1]


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