Daelan Red Tiger is a male half-orc barbarian raised by the Uthgardt tribe of the Red Tiger. He is an honorable warrior out to prove himself in the world, hoping to amend for his father's orc blood, and to end the exile by his tribe. He carries a spectacular double-axe and also has a longbow for a ranged weapon, and makes a powerful tank for the player.

Daelan is also available in Chapter 1 of Hordes of the Underdark as a henchman, but is prohibited from following you into Chapter 2 by Halaster. He became one of the most popular henchman in the original Neverwinter Nights for many fans.

Companions of the Hero of Neverwinter
Boddyknock GlinckleDaelan Red TigerGrimgnawLinu La'neralSharwynTomi Undergallows
Companions of Drogan Droganson's Pupil
During the Raising of Undrentide
Deekin ScalesingerDorna TrapspringerXanos Messarmos
During the Valsharess' War
Aribeth de TylmarandeDaelan Red TigerDeekin ScalesingerLinu La'neralNathyrraSharwynTomi UndergallowsValen Shadowbreath

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