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The Daemonfey are a clan of half-fiends and fey'ri who were imprisoned for over five thousand years and were freed in recent times.[1] Although the term actually describes the organization, it is sometimes also used to mean the descendants of House Dlardrageth, who have royal demonic blood, and conversely the term "fey'ri" is sometimes used to describe the descendants of the other corrupted houses of Siluvanede.[2]


The daemonfey were originally created from the remnants of House Dlardrageth after they were mostly destroyed by the elves angered by the house's breeding with demons. Although most of the house was imprisoned in Arcorar, some fled and went into hiding in Siluvanede, corrupting other houses, but were discovered by elven mages after a few centuries, who sealed them in magical prisons in a perpetual state of near-slumber, where they remained until the destruction of Hellgate Keep in 1369 DR, which caused those imprisoned there to be freed. They then went on to free the remaining members of the organization.[1][3]


The daemonfey intend to expand their numbers by breeding sun elves with demons in the High Forest. To achieve this they have begun to abduct sun elves from the Silver Marches in order to prepare them for breeding. The daemonfey are also interested in learning about modern Faerûn since they have been imprisoned for such a long time. Scouting parties are sent out across the Silver Marches, but they take great care not to be seen, for fear of alerting the elves of their presence.[4]


Sarya planned to seek the help of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan. The organization considered the drow to be degenerates, but this did not rule out their working together towards common goals, should this have been deemed necessary.[4]


Although the daemonfey had a hatred for the elven race in general, they were particularly loathing of the moon and wood elves of the Silver Marches because they despised the elves having formed any kind of confederation.[4]


The boltholes are underground structures located throughout the North. They have existed for a very long time but most are now forgotten by all except the oldest surviving elves. Even so, these elves will likely assume them to be abandoned, not knowing of the recent re-emergence of the daemonfey. There is a bolthole located around twenty miles east of the Stone Stand in the northern High Forest.[4]



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