Daerlun was a city in Sembia. Its most prominent feature was a huge 500-foot-tall curtain wall erected by the Netherese Empire.[2]


1368 DREdit

The city was run by an elderly merchant named Halath Tymmyr, although he was a puppet for the evil commander of the guard, Allathast, who was a member of the Cult of the Dragon.[1]

1439 DREdit

After Sembian control faltered due to Cormyrian stratagems, the city declared itself an independent city-state, rather than being absorbed by Cormyr.[2]


The city of Daerlun prepared defenses against a possible Shadovar and Sembian invasion. Rumors abounded in the city about gods, war, and natural disasters.[6]


As of 1368 DR, Daerlunian linen sold for around 8 silver pieces per square yard, while Daerlunian wool sold for between 9 silver and 2 gold pieces per square yard depending on the weight of the fabric.[5] The city imported such commodities as parchment, wine, and wool from Eveningstar in Cormyr.[4]

Cult of the DragonEdit

The evil semi-religious organization, the Cult of the Dragon, had a presence in Daerlun as of 1368 DR, but preferred a secretive approach, using the city as a place to store armaments and to treat wounded members. The commander of the city guard, Allathast, used the elderly merchant Halath Tymmyr as a puppet to rule the city.[1]



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