The Dagger Hills were located south-east of Daggerdale.[1][2]


In the mid–14th century DR, the sparse human settlements, mostly small farms, dwindled during the Zhent occupation of Daggerdale and the hills became covered with dense thickets and thorn fields, resistant to fire and human intrusion. Many monsters hunted in these hills: wolves, leucrottas, owlbears, lycanthropes, and even beholders.[1]

After the Spellplague, the lycanthrope presence became prominent and by 1479 DR these hills were infested mainly by murderous lycanthropes and their thralls. Despite the threat of the lycanthropes, small villages, protected by stockades, and farms still existed in the Dagger Hills.[2]


In the south-western part of the Dagger Hills, not far from the River Ashaba, lay the ruins of Castle Daggerdale, the seat of the ruling family of Daggerdale, the Morns. During his heroic resistance against the Zhent occupation, Randal Morn often made camp here with his men. Rumors about the hidden treasure of the Morn family, hidden in a bricked tunnel in the cellar of Castle Daggerdale, abounded in Daggerdale.[3]

In the middle of the Dagger Hills, about fifteen miles northeast of Castle Daggerdale, lay the ruined tower of White Crag, so ancient it was said to predate even elven presence in the area. It was rumored that under the tower, vast passages led to the Underdark.[3]



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