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Daggerford was a town that lay along the Shining River on the Sword Coast in the Western Heartlands. It was a walled town with a population of approximately 900, with a number of outlying hamlets, farms, and estates bringing the population to over 2,000. The town was strategically placed along the Trade Way and fortified by the local duke's dwarven-built castle. It was primarily a farming community, but a desire to grow and be seen as an alternative to the northern city Waterdeep caused the town to actively seek craftsmen and artisans. Its streets were unpaved and the buildings were ramshackle in appearance.[3]


The town took its name from a 400-year-old legend about a boy named Tyndal[4] who fended off a tribe of lizardfolk with only a dagger. The first community was built along the shores of the river at that spot. All the Dukes of Daggerford claimed to be descended from Tyndal. Construction of Castle Daggerford atop the ruined remnants of Morlin Castle began immediately after the fall of the previous Duke of Calandor and the ducal site was relocated from Delimbiyran to Daggerford.[5]

After Illefarn, the Fallen Kingdom of the elves, retreated to Evermeet, the Kingdom of Man controlled the region and Daggerford's environs included all territory bordered on the north by Floshin, on the west by the Lizard Marsh, on the south by Dragonspear Castle, and on the east by the Misty Forest, although that territory was far reduced by the 14th century DR. After the Kingdom of Man was ended by dynastic feuding, the people of Daggerford built a proper town near the shores of Delimbiyr, the Shining River. Eventually, the town and castle were walled in.[citation needed]


Until fifty years ago,[as of when?] Daggerford was controlled by a Duke. A town charter was granted by Duke Conan, leading to the Council of Guilds controlling the town. Attempting to imitate Waterdeep, the guildmasters wore masks of secrecy when conducting official government business, but their identities were public knowledge. The current Duke of the region was Pwyll Greatshout, who was sometimes referred to as Pwyll Daggerford.

The dukes of Daggerford claimed all the lands from the Floshin Estates, south as far as Dragonspear Castle, east to the edge of the Misty Forest, and west to the verges of Lizard Marsh and the coast. They actually controlled far less, from about a half day's ride north of Daggerford, where their forces met up with road patrols from Waterdeep at a little pond called Waypost Water, east to the hills around the Laughing Hollow, and south to the hamlet of Bowshot. These lands took in about twenty farming hamlets.[6]

Notable buildingsEdit

Inns and taverns
Temples and shrines





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