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Dagna Waybeard was the dwarven general and the lead military commander of Mithral Hall's armed forces.[2]


The general was broad shouldered and huge by dwarf standards. He would tuck his long brown beard into his expansive belts.[2]


He was born in Citadel Adbar.[3]

In 1356 DR, Dagna helped Bruenor Battlehammer reclaim Mithral Hall from the duergar of Clan Bukbukken.[3] The general and two thousand Adbar dwarves decided to stay in the fortress of Clan Battlehammer.[2]

Dagna was killed during a battle with trolls in 1370 DR, when he tried to protect refugees from destroyed Nesme.[1]


Dagna had only one son, Dagnabbit, who was killed by orcs at Shallows in 1370 DR.[1] Dagnabbit had a daughter named Dagnabbet (Dagna's granddaughter), who became the general of Mithral Hall under Connerad Brawnanvil.[4]


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