Dalagar's Dagger was the highest peak in the northeast section of the Nether Mountains.[1]


The Dagger was named after Dalagar the dwarf who tried to climb the mountain around 372 DR and fell to his death. Over the years many dying blue, green, and black dragons have committed suicide by impaling themselves on the knifelike pinnacle. Their bones were scattered all around the peak and among them there were gems and jewelry that covered their scales with in life. This treasure remained mostly untouched since the Moruemes (who have never dared to touch a single coin) tenaciously defended the place against any approaching creatures. It looked like they were aware when someone was trying to reach the hoard. Moruemes ripped to pieces even two young dragons came there to plunder the riches. It was discovered that one of these two young dragons was a mage under the effects of trasformation spell. The dragons Moruemes found out mage's residence and publicly returned his remains there as warning to other equally ambitious wizards.[1]



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