The Dales Council was an annual meeting between the governments of the various dales of the Dalelands that met once a year at Midwinter to decide on important matters of their lands. Each dale sent a delegate to the council to agree upon matters such as trade routes, foreign relations, common defense and various objections between the dales. Before the 15th century DR it was hosted by alternating dales,[2] but was eventually permanently seated in Ashabenford within Mistledale.[1]


The Dales council was formed after the defeat of Aencar Burlisk, the self-proclaimed King of the Dales in 1044 DR, and his campaign to unite the dales under one rule was ended.[3]

During the late 14th century DR the meetings have mainly concerned the growing threat of Drow in Cormanthor and the Zhents, but also included aggression from Sembia and border disputes between neighboring dales.[4]

In 1418 DR, Featherdale was bloodlessly annexed by the nation of Sembia. Only four years later, High Dale seceded from the council to join the nation of Cormyr as one of their settlements. By this time the city of Ashabenford became the permanent seat of the Dales Council.[1]



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