Daltim's Tome of Fire was a spellbook written by the wizard and psionicist Daltim Flamefist of Halruaa. It contained a number of rare and unique fire-based spells, details on several light- and fire-themed magical items, and brief treatises on fire magic, psionics, and the creation of psionically empowered items. It was lost, presumed stolen, in Tethyr in the 1360s DR.[1][2]


Daltim's Tome of Fire was a small book, only around 9 inches (22.8 centimeters) high, 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) wide and 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) thick. It contained only fifty pages of thick paper light gray in color. It was bound in rich red leather, said to be the hide of a salamander, and a dragon-like design—Daltim's sigil—was stamped on the front cover. The cover was unnaturally warm to the touch, but the pages unnaturally cool. They could not be burned.[1]


In addition to the written spells it contained, the book was protected by Daltim's proof against fire, rendering it impervious to flame; and Daltim's fiery protector, which summoned a minor fire elemental to guard it if opened by anyone but Daltim.[1]


Daltim lost the tome in Tethyr in the 1360s DR, while his mercenary company, the Destroyers, were involved in the civil war there. The book was presumed stolen, as he was unlikely to forget or lose it. Daltim fortunately had other copies of the spells, but wished to recover for the book for the many notes he'd made in it.[1][2]

He still hadn't located his Tome of Fire by the mid-1370s DR, and was offering a hefty 10,000-gp reward for its return, with 1,000 gp for credible information as to its whereabouts.[2]


The pages contained a number of rare and even unique fire-themed spells, including:

The book also gave details of a number of magical items related to light and fire, namely:

It also gave instructions for fashioning the magic tinderbox.[1]

Finally, the book had notes on creating psionically empowered items, together with a brief treatise on their benefits,[1] as well as more general treatises on psionic powers and fire magic.[2]


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