Dalvar Corzon was a captain of the Cormyrean Freesails in 1359 DR.


Dalvar was trained by the clerics of Mielikki.

For a few years, Dalvar tried to train seagulls to act as couriers. He had little success but was still able to send some messages to their destinations, which proved to be decisive during the Time of Troubles and the Horde War. He was promoted to captain of the Gullswing by King Azoun Obarskyr IV himself.[1]


Dalvar was totally devoted to his country, always ready to defeat its enemies. He had developed an uncanny sense of pirates' activities, building a reputation as a dangerous enemy among pirates. His cleric teachers told him that, thanks to his exploits, the goddess possibly would permit Dalvar to cast spells like they did. This and the recognition from King Azoun made Dalvar a bit too eager for battle, taking bigger risks any time he sailed. Some started to think he needed to be humbled, for his own sake.[1]



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