Dalzhel was a male human warrior and lieutenant of the then-human Cyric when he entered into the service of Bane during the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR.


Dalzhel was a skilled warrior of Zhentil Keep and during the Time of Troubles he was in the Zhentilar army stationed in Scardale.

Dalzhel was promoted to lieutenant of the Company of the Scorpions under Cyric. Dalzhel and Cyric assisted Bane's forces in the assault on Tantras, but after the death of Bane at the hands of Torm, Dalzhel and his men pledged loyalty to Cyric.[1]

Dalzhel was involved in the hunt for the Tablets of Fate and continued to follow Cyric even after the loss of most of his men. In the end, during a three-way confrontation with the then-human Kelemvor and the god Bhaal, Dalzhel was killed by the god of assassins.[2]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Dalzhel was a very practical man and he felt no particular loyalty to Bane, unlike most in the Zhentilar. He considered no god worthy of his adoration because he received no advantages from gods. However, Dalzhel followed Cyric loyally because he liked his plan for power. In a sense, he was the first worshiper of Cyric.[citation needed]


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