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Dambrath was a nation on the southern coast of Faerûn. It was notable as it was formerly ruled by a race of human, drow and elves collectively known as the Crinti, who comprised the upper class. Dambrath was a predominantly isolationist nation, though they did allow some limited trade with outsiders.

During the Spellplague in 1385 DR, native Dambrathans rebelled against their half-drow masters and drove them from the land.[1]

Historical Timeline Edit

Geography Edit

Dambrath stretched more than 700 miles east to west, and 300 miles north to south. The nation was bordered roughly by Halruaa's East Wall mountains to west, the Forest of Amtar to north (thought most of the populace lived south the Gnollwatch Mountain and Hills of the Dead Kings), the Great Sea to the south, and Luiren and the Lluirwood to the East.

Notable LocationsEdit

The Bay of Dancing Dolphins
Forest of Amtar
Gnollwatch Mountains
Hills of the Dead Kings
The great swamp.
The Swagdar

Cities and towns Edit

Prestige Classes Edit


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