Dannath's Pickles, Nuts, & Foods was a shop located in the city of Yartar on the Savage Frontier in northwest Faerûn.[1][2][3]


It was owned and run by Alukk Dannath and his three daughters.[1][3] His daughters were all Harpers.[3]


Dannath's Pickles, Nuts, & Foods specialized in providing foods suitable for travelers in the North, that were otherwise scarce in the area. These included dried apricots, figs, and garshells from the Tashalar and the lands around the Lake of Steam.The foods were of good quality to suit the high prices.

Dannath found any foods close to spoiling and converted them into another, longer lasting form, such as adding overripe fruits in a wine or a syrup mash.[1][3]

Dannath's daughters also offered aid and sanctuary to Harpers in the building's cellars. The cellars led to tunnels running under Yartar, exiting in several places, like the Wink and the Kiss festhall.[3]


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