The dao were a variation of genie from the Elemental Plane of Earth. Dao often ran gem-mining operations there or on the Material Plane. They could especially be found in the wild regions of Zakhara.[4]

Dao appear as humanoids with bodies that had external physical characteristics that evoked their elemental nature, though some varieties were capable of shape-shifting into another form. They formed their own distinctive societies in their native planes. Because they had powerful supernatural or magical abilities, genies were sometimes called upon or summoned by spellcasters to grant wishes or perform services for them. The individual varieties have differing attitudes towards humanoid races native to the Material Plane.[citation needed]

The yikarian term for the dao was "earthservants."[5]


Genies literally carved out an empire from the Elemental Plane of Earth, called the Great Dismal Delve, based strongly on slave labour. They ruled from their capital city of the Sevenfold Mazework by their Great Khan Kabril Ali al-Sara al-Zalazil.[6]


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