El Daraqadim was a former Calishite manor located in Calimmon County in Tethyr and was one of the keeps of the duke of Ankramir before the Interregnum period. After the Reclamation Wars, the keep became the county seat of Calimmon and the home of Her Excellency Kyrin Hawkwinter.

Countess Hawkwinter prefered to call the manor The Cliff, instead of its old Alzhedo name.


The keep was located 25 miles directly north of Memnon. The nearest major Tethyrian city was Myratma, to the north.

As the countess's name for it suggests, Daraqadim rested on the edge of the coastal cliffs overlooking the Sea of Swords.


The Cliff had the typical features of Calishite construction—large windows and breezeways, spacious balconies, gardens, and halls. Lady Kyrin had her friend Lord Zelphar Thann design and upgrade the keep's defenses. She also had the stable enlarged for her many horses.[1]


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