Darien was a Szarkai before Lolth turned her into a albino-drider during the Night of Wailing.[1]

Once she had been sent by the drow of Maztica to Faerûn where she should find a tool for their plans of getting full control over the cult of Zaltec in her home.[2] She found the young soldier Cordell and helped him to survive a lost battle. After that they founded the Golden Legion and she became one of the most trustet leaders at Cordell's side.[3] Ten years later the legion won a fierce battle in Amn against the pirate Akbet-Khrul[4] and Cordell was summoned before the Council of Six. He made them finance his expedition to the west over the Trackless Sea where he hoped to find a new route to Kara-Tur.[5]

But instead of the famous realm they found the continent of Maztica and here Darien was once again of great use for the legion. It was her magic which helped them to defeat the army of Payit in the battle of Ulatos[6] and later to kill Takamal, the Revered Counselor of Kultaka, amidst his own men in a another battle.[7]


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