A daring acrobat is a rogue who has learned to master acrobatic techniques. Wondrous to behold these daring acrobats might be professional performers, religious devotees of Tempus or Tymora, or expert thieves. Some obtain their skills from a school and others from a family tradition, while most of the remainder are self-taught, learning their skills as a matter of self-preservation. Whatever their trade or origin, daring acrobats find the spectacular tricks and maneuvers they've learned to be a vital part of that path, allowing them to move more quickly and tumble out of danger's way.[1]

Though flashy, the stunts daring acrobats perform are far more than light amusements and when applied in combat, can be the difference between life and death. Daring acrobats move with greater agility and balance than either their allies or enemies, dancing in and out of harm's way. Because of their training daring acrobats might survive perils that would surely fell more clumsy warriors.[1]


Daring acrobats rely on agility and balance over deadliness or endurance, though all who take the path have a dose of the latter two as well. Even the most inexperienced daring acrobats learn that staying on the move is the best way to stay alive, darting from spot to spot in preference to fortifying one location. In addition, these early acrobats also have uncannily strong reflexes and even while in the midst of physically demanding tasks such as scaling a cliff or walking across a thin ledge, acrobats are as adept at dodging enemy attacks as most warriors are in less precarious situations. More experienced daring acrobats carry this training further, actually becoming more effective at avoiding injury from attacks as they charge into enemy formations, speedily darting through their enemies' blows.[1]

Daring acrobat exploits are unusually flamboyant compared with ones performed by other rogues, but they are highly effective when used in the correct manner. Wild tumble cut is a risky technique that allows a daring acrobat to make a deadly strike, but at the cost of exposing themselves to greater danger. Daring acrobats who continue to learn and grow eventually learn dramatic finish as well, an exploit that channels the focus of an acrobat into a single, climatic blow and a triumphant follow up.[1]


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