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A dark naga is a naga subspecies that looks like a large purple snake or eel with a barbed stinger at the end of its tail and a human face. Dark nagas can speak Common and Infernal. They like to plot with other creatures of evil alignment so that they can gather wealth more easily.[1]


Dark nagas measure approximately 12 feet long and weigh about 300 pounds. Their scales are dark blue or purple, often with black frills or scale patterns. The body of a dark naga is more similar to that of an eel rather than a snake. Its tail ends in a poisonous stinger.


Dark nagas crave power and wealth. They love using their magical powers and the treasures they find in ancient ruins to rule those who are weaker than themselves.


Dark nagas will attempt to use high terrain to their advantage to stay out of the reach of their enemies. They can cast sorcerer spells and their stings carry a poison that can induce a nightmarish sleep. They are resistant to all charm effects and have the permanent ability to detect thoughts. Similarly, their own thoughts cannot be read.[1] Their veins contain an oily black gore.[2]


The Zhentarim have been known to use dark nagas as mentors and leaders for bands of orcs.[3]


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