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The Darklake was a series of connected bodies of water in the Underdark. They were formerly linked by waterfalls but later governed by locks created by dwarven engineers.[1]


On the shores of the Darklake were the settlements of Gracklstugh and Mantol-Derith (northwest).[2]

The Darklake was located some 100 miles north and east of the Labyrinth.[3] Dwarven tunnels carved over the Darklake connected Ammarindar to Menzoberranzan, a distance of some 250 miles.[4]


The Darklake was located in a huge cavern more than 100 miles across. The cavern was up to 1,000 feet tall in some places, but very low in others. It could take more than two days to transverse the lake (from Mantol-Derith to Gracklstugh by boat.[2]

The surface of the Darklake was broken with stalagmites, stalactites, and columns.[5]

The duergar of Gracklstugh patrolled the Darklake.[6]


The caverns were used as a relatively safe passage by duergar, although the place had its share of monsters (mainly freshwater trolls and a type of evil intelligent freshwater manta ray). There may have been a portal connecting the Darklake to one of the underground rivers servicing Skullport, which if discovered could greatly facilitate trade between the Underdark and the surface.[1]





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