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Darksong Knights were the elite warriors of Eilistraee, famed for their tireless hunting of the demonic agents of Lolth.[1] They were mostly active in the lands of ancient Ilythiir.[2]

As of the 1490s DR, post Second Sundering, the Darksong Knights were very much active, but existed only in small numbers.[3]


As the prey of the Darksong Knights were the demonic servants of Lolth, they honed their skills to fight these creatures, especially yochlol: they knew how to predict the demons' movements and strike with precision and force. Utilizing a dance-like and complex style of swordplay, the trained Darksong Knight in battle was far more mobile and deceptive than other fighters.[1]

Notable Darksong KnightsEdit

Cavatina Xarann


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