Darromar, formerly known as Ithmong, was a metropolis and the capital of Tethyr.[2][3]


It lay on the River Ith. Its central location ensured that the queen's armies in 1479 DR were never more than five days' hard ride from any trouble in her domain.[3]


The city was formerly ruled by a council, but Queen Zaranda felt that it was necessary to have one person in charge at the top. This position was held by the Lord-Mayor Ternan Grannox in 1370 DR. It was a position that was appointed or elected once every three years. In truth, however, Ternan's Consort Brenna Grannox dictated her husband's every move, manipulating him with lies that resulted in some improper treatment of her social and/or political foes.[1]


The city watch had around 200 members, but the army of Tethyr, a further 5,000, was garrisoned in this city when not on duty or assigned elsewhere.[citation needed]



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