Darsson Spellmaker, known commonly as Darsson, was a renowned Halruaan wizard who specialized in researching new and wondrous spells.[1]


Darsson was a quiet individual who preferred to spend his time researching new spells as opposed to associating with others. Though he often came across as gruff in public sitations, Darsson was quite warm when he was alone with others. Due to painful circumstances of his past, he was very selective of those he considered trustworthy.[1]


As of 1367 DR, Darsson was in his late 40s. His distinguished features included jet-black hair that was grey at the temples and blue eyes.[1]

Contrary to many wizards, Darsson hated wearing robes. Instead he preferred custom clothing that included plenty of pockets and pouches to accommodate his spell components. He always carried several daggers and a nice assortment of wands.[1]


Darsson despised illusion and necromancy magic, and rarely used spells from these schools. His hatred of necromancy was centered around the lich Kyristan, who he believed had a part in the death of his father.[1]


Darsson blamed the nation of Halruaa, and its people, for his parent's death. This arose because of their intolerance toward radical magical research. To rebel against this belief Darsson spent most of his time researching new spells that would benefit others.[1]


Though he owned many magic items, Darsson was known to carry a cloak of protection +5, a ring of magic detection, a ring of fire resistance, a wand of fire, and a wand of paralyzation.[1]



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