Dawn Pass, also known as Dawntreader Gap, was a pass through the Graypeak Mountains at the east end of the Savage Frontier. Through here, the Dawn Pass Trail linked the Black Road across the Anauroch to the town of Llorkh.[1][3][2][4][5]


Although the pass was steep and demanding in comparison to Bleached Bones Pass further south, it was easier to defend, so it was preferred by the Zhentarim.[1][2]


In the mid–14th century DR, the pass was often traversed by Zhentarim caravans from the Black Road.[1][2][6]


By 1358 DR, a garrison of thirty Lord's Men from Llorkh stood guard at the pass. They remained there through to at least 1370 DR.[1][2]

In addition, around 1369/1370 DR, a beholder from Dekanter was also hired to defend the pass, together with its gnoll minions. Although this beholder was wild and almost unmanageable, the Zhentarim paid it extremely well and the arrangement suited its current circumstances, so it honored the deal, for the time being.[3][2]



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