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Faerûn as it was during the Days of Thunder.

The Age of Thunder began when the majority of the glaciers left by the cooling of Abeir-Toril's ocean during the Shadow Epoch finally melted under the new sun and the sea levels lowered enough to reveal a supercontinent that would eventually be called Merrouroboros. Life bloomed on this landmass in the form of the creator races and the ancient apelike ancestors of humans.[citation needed]

The sarrukh established themselves as the dominant species, creating the first recorded civilizations and spreading out across the rest of the world within the next hundred years. An estimated hundred years after that, they began creating new species.[citation needed]

This was the time of the fabled creator races, or Iqua-Tel'Quessir in the elven tongue, when many gods came to the consciousness of mortals, and many races still hid in caves. No mention could be found of elves, dwarves, and other races during most of this time. Still, their absence on ancient cave paintings was hardly sufficient evidence to say that they did not exist on Faerûn at this time.[citation needed]


c. -35000 DR
Rise of the Sarrukh empires (Sauroid creator race).[1]
The sarrukh Empire of Okoth is founded along the forested shores of the Azulduth, which was then the largest fresh-water lake in Faerûn. Within a hundred years, most of Faerûn was theirs.[1]
c. -34800 DR
The sarrukh Empire of Mhairshaulk is founded on the Chultan Peninsula westward from the Lhairghal to the Jungles of Chult. The Mhairshaulkans are believed to have created nagas, pterafolk, troglodytes, and yuan-ti, as well as numerous other races long since lost.[1]
c. -34500 DR
The sarrukh Empire of Isstosseffifil is founded in the lands now occupied by the desert Anauroch.[1]
c. -34100 DR
Okoth falls following a century of civil unrest that drives many sarrukh to the planes.[1]
c. -34000 DR
The otherworldly realm of Faerie is ruled by the Fey (creators of korreds, sprites, and pixies). The Fey continue to rule to the present day.[1]
c. -33800 DR
Fall of Isstosseffifil: In an effort to drown the Phaerlin (known today as the Buried Realms in the Underdark) and dispatch their enemies in one masterful stroke, Isstossef wizards rerouted the Narrow Sea so that it ran from east to west, inundating the land around the chain of hills known today as the Tagorlar with water. Although the Isstossef succeeded in driving the phaerimm deep into the Underdark, the massive ecological change resulting from their weavings of Art caused the Isstosseffifil empire to collapse.[1]
c. -33500 DR
The sarrukh Empire of Mhairshaulk slides into decline from which it never recovers. Mhairshaulk increasingly becomes the preserve of the yuan-ti.[1]
Rise of the Batrachi Empires. The batrachi (creator race) are also known as amphibioids or creators of the bullywugs, dopplegangers, kopru, kuo-toa, locothah, sivs, tako and other shapeshifting, amphibious or piscine races.[1]
c. -31000 DR
Fall of the Batrachi Empires.[1]
  • Rise of the Aearee Empires. The aearee are also known as avians, or creators of the aaracokra, kenku and other birdlike humanoids.[1]
  • The Tearfall. A rain of meteors fall to Faerûn, and the first dragons appear shortly thereafter. Some scholars interpret the ancient texts as suggesting the meteors precipitated a dramatic climatic change, sparking the rapid evolution of proto-dragons into the various dragon species. Others claim the meteors were in fact falling dragon eggs, from which the varied races of dragonkind were born into this world.[2][3]


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