Deadsnows was a large village located on the northen edge of the Nether Mountains. It was the smallest member of the confederacy of the Silver Marches and would not have normally been accepted as a signatory unless as a vassal to a larger city, but due to the request of Lady Arletha Icespear it was allowed to join, though did not have a seat on the council. Deadsnows was connected via a trail to the Fork Road which eventually lead to Sundabar.


Originally a keep for a human lord who desired his own kingdom, his dream was shattered before it had ever really started. He died in the Battle of Deadsnows, a minor skirmish with some of the countless orc raiders that continually plagued his designs and the battle which gave the place it's name. Two religious groups, Dwarves of Marthammor Duin and Humans of Lathander eventually settled here, building impressive temples to each of their respective gods.

In Eleint, 1372 DR, during the winter melt a hunter was filling his waterskin at a swollen river 3 miles from the village when he noticed the water contained tiny golden flecks. He returned and began to prospect, discovering to his joy that there was indeed gold to be found. Word spread around the village which then got out, and within a couple of months, 300 dwarves, elves, humans and halflings had flocked to the village, either looking to mine the gold themselves or hawk their wares to said miners. A few also arrived for more nefarious ends, to sell illegal items or to steal.

This sudden influx of people taxed the village to it's limit and it looked like it would continue to do so until the gold ran out. However, the Spellplague destroyed the buildings and fields of the village, forcing the survivors to flee.

Deadsnows still drew visitors however - rumours abounded in Sundabar that a powerful group of adventurers, the Brotherhood of the Moon, were unable to retrieve the majority of their collected treasure when the Spellplague struck and so treasure hunters scoured the area for hidden caches for years to come.

When an orc bandit named Histarack discovered the Brotherhood's treasures, he had the tale spread that a new pocket of active Spellplague energy had erupted in the area to keep the scavengers away, however, the story only served to gain the attention of the Order of the Blue Fire who sent envoys to reveal the hoax for what it was.[1]

Important SitesEdit

The Hospice of Marthammor 
A travellers sanctuary manned by devout dwarves of the dwarven god of adventurers, Marthammor Duin and led by Observer Kerrilla Gemstar. It lay two miles north-west of the village itself. Visitors could stay for one night with a meal of hard bread and cheese for free, but after that they were required to pay two silver pieces a night, or three if they also wanted to eat. The place regularly had five or ten guests a night but could hold up to twenty. People were turned out if they stayed for a tenday unless they were Dwarves or friends of Kerrilla. Healing was provided to good folks in return for services such as volunteering for the militia or doing a job for the village or the abbey itself.
The Blazon 
A tavern owned by the shrewd businessman Lonnor. He realised how scarce rooms were in a boom-town like Deadsnows and raised his prices to five gold pieces a night. He only had 3 such rooms, but one of these three could house up to six people.
Icespear House 
A former manor house rebuilt and renovated by the Brotherhood of the Moon as a base to send out mounted patrols. A haven for visiting nobles and good adventurers of reknown. No payment was expected or accepted from said guests, though they were expected to be civil and to not stay longer than two tendays. In the cellar, a spire of supernatural ice blasted cold energy at intruders - the Brotherhood used this spire to guard their accumulated wealth.
A simple barn that its half-orc proprietress Vandar ran as an inn. She was not a kind person and gladly charged three silver pieces for the 'privilege' of sleeping on a cold, damp, pallet for a night. She charged an extra two silver pieces if one wished to have a meal of hardtack and broth and an additional siver piece for a mug of the cheapest ale she could get her hands on. She and her band of ruffians paid off a few of the town guards so that they were free to steal from those who might bring anything of value into the 'inn' while they slept.
The Rose and Hammer 
The only actual inn within the walls of the village. It had twelve private rooms and a common dormitory that could house twenty.
The Morning Watchtower 
A watchtower and temple to Lathander, led by Morninglord Ashnar the humble. He and five other clerics operated the place, while a pair of guards made sure they were protected from harm. Ashnar fostered good relations with Kerrilla and the pair were the two most respected people in the village and usually the first people turn to when help was needed. Ashnar was also a bit of a crusader and was not above prodding known adventurers into action.
This is what the shanty town that sprang up outside the village became known as. A maze of ramshackle huts that had become a haven for illegal goings-on. During the day, most of the place was empty while everyone was out prospecting. By night it became rowdy as most of the occupants took to drink and drugs. Prostitution, gambling and other vices started appearing in addition to the theft and claim-jumping problems that had been associated with Snowtown since its inception. Deadsnows jail became full of residents of Snowtown as a result.

After the village was destroyed, only the ruins of The Rose and Hammer remained evident.[2]

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