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Decastave was an evocation spell that converted a small piece of wood into a 10-ft-long (just over 3 m) force-staff that could be used as a magic weapon.[1]


The magical pole was of fixed length, 2 in (5 cm) in diameter, and rigidly inflexible. It could be wielded like a staff and could damage creatures immune to non-magical weapons. The decastave could be dissipated in a few ways:

  • The wizard let go of it intentionally or accidentally.
  • It was pulled from the wizard's grasp by one or more opponents exerting sufficient strength in a united effort.
  • It was cleaved by metal.
  • The spell's duration was exceeded.

Once per casting of this spell, the wizard could elect to drain a small amount of health upon a successful hit. The health was transferred to the wizard similar to a vampiric touch but could not increase health beyond normal capacity.


This spell required verbal and somatic components, and a small piece of wood that was consumed by the casting.[1]


This spell was generally known around Faerûn, once it had been published in Volo's Guide to All Things Magical.[3]



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