Deepearth was a city and the surroundings areas in the Underdark under the Galena Mountains in the Bloodstone Lands.[1]


Deepearth was originally settled by deep gnomes. In the surrounding caverns lived some clans of duergar. The duergar occasionally skirmished with the gnomes in order to gain food, cattle, and sometimes slaves, but with few successes. At last, a great deep gnome army devastated the duergar territories, stopping the raids.[1]

However, one night, a solitary duergar infiltrated Deepearth and inside an abandoned gnome mine discovered a pool of mercury (in truth, a gate to the Abyss). He touched the liquid and was quickly possessed by the demon lord Orcus. With Orcus as their leader, the duergar managed to seize Deepearth.[1]

In 1357 DR, however, Gareth Dragonsbane's party arrived in Deepearth and fought the duergar and the minions of Orcus.[2]

In 1359 DR, the gnomes had regained control of the city and worked with the dwarves of the Orothiar Clan in order to exploit Bloodstone Mines.[3]


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