The Deepwash was a freshwater lake[3][2] and, as of 13701372 DR, the largest lake in the Vilhon Reach.[2] The northwestern stretch was known as Shalane Lake in Erlkazar.[1]


The lake was almost as deep as Lake Esmel in Amn.[3] It was filled by tributaries from the Cloven Mountains (such as Arglander River[3]) and the Deepwing Mountains,[2][4] and by Shalane River flowing from Impresk Lake.[5] Its main outlet was the Wintercloak River.[2][3][4] It was known to be filled with fish.[2][4][1] Fishing was safest in the Shalane Lake region, because the dragon turtle did not enter those waters as often.[1]

The Shalane Lake stretch formed part of the eastern border of the barony of Shalanar in Erlkazar, and the whole of the lake served as the northern border of Ahlarkhem.[6]


The lake was very deep and was home to a very large dragon turtle, with a shell 30 feet (10 meters) in diameter, who resided near to Surkh. In Surkh, it was highly respected, and some even worshiped it, believing it to be an honor to be killed and eaten by it. The turtle was large enough to be able to capsize ships, with a very high level of intelligence.[4]

Notable LocationsEdit

This was a major port city of the barony of Ahlarkhem.
Elhimar's Tower 
This tower was at the bottom of Shalane Lake, surrounded by a magical field.[1]
This city was the capital of Erlkazar and a major trade port on the lake.[1]
Lost Lovers' Pool 
This pool resided within a coastal cave.[1]
The Mystics' Academy 
This was the school of Gamalon Idogyr.[3]
This fishing town had a superb shipbuilding industry.[1]
A small city of lizardfolk on the northern shore.[citation needed]



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