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Delfen Ondabarl was the greatest wizard of Daggerford around 1370 DR.[1]


Delfen was an adventuring wizard from Iriaebor who retired to Daggerford around 1355 DR.[1]

After retirement, he spent his time tutoring the next generation of mages. He lived in an abandoned tower in exchange for a donation to the duchy's treasure. He became famous from Icewind Dale to Calimshan as a very patient teacher of the arcane arts. Delfen also helped the local militia in all magical matters.[1]

Delfen was presumed dead around 1385 DR. However, in 1485 DR, he returned to the town, not a day older, and reclaimed possession of his tower. He was Delfen for certain, but never spoke about what had happened to him in his century's absence.[2]



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