Delg Ironstar, also called Delg Hammerhand, was a dwarven fighter and part of the Company of the Bright Spear. He was also a member of the Harpers and was one of the last members of the legendary noble clan of dwarves, Clan Ironstar.


He used a battle axe. He called upon Clangeddin Silverbeard (by singing a heroic, dwarven chant), which granted him additional, but unknown powers and skills in combat. When he did so, his axe and the warhammer he wielded off-hand began to glow.


He was one of the closest friends of Shandril Shessair.


He was one of the few survivors of the Company of the Bright Spear after the company left the Rising Moon inn in Deepingdale in 1357 DR.

He was killed by a gargoyle in the Stonelands. The creature lifted him up in the air, but was killed by Delg shortly after. Delg crashed to the ground, impaling himself on a rock, and died.