Delthrin Everet, also known as Delthrin the Deadmaster was a human man of the city of Marsember in Cormyr. He was a necromancer and local hero.[1][2][3]


Delthrin Everet was the last remaining member of noble House Everet of Cormyr.[4]

Delthrin was formerly little known among mages, until he came to Marsember's aid and animated an army of undead to help defend the city against a pirate attack. He raised lacedons, skeletons, sea zombies, ju-ju zombies, and bone sharks, who boarded an impressive six pirate vessels and tore both their crews and the ships themselves apart.

Though notorious for the deed, Delthrin gained great respect, fame, and popularity. However, uncomfortable with this attention, he became a recluse by 1358 DR. He devoted himself instead to his continuing necromantic experiments with drowned undead.[1][2][3] His dwelling was supposedly guarded by many of his undead creations.[3]

By 1369 DR, one of Delthrin's rumored creations was an aquatic undead like a giant predatory shark. It was a monstrosity fashioned from the body parts of many different dead creatures, with multiple jawed heads, claws, and a massive set of main jaws.[3]




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