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Delzoun was the great Northkingdom of the dwarves from -3900 DR to -100 DR.[1]


The kingdom extended from the Ice Mountains south to the Rauvin and Nether Mountains at its height.[1]

Description Edit

The southern valley was known as Sundabar Vale while the northerly one was named Adbar Run. These two valleys intersected each other to the east along the fork between the Rauvin Mountains and the Anauroch, and to the west near the Moonlands. Adbar Run was a real wild land. No permanent settlement was built in the area included between the Cold Vale and the Fork. There were only a few orcs outposts and some underground dens of goblins along the nearby mountains. The Uthgardt barbarians, Red Tiger and Sky Pony tribes roamed in this area at irregular intervals but only in small groups.[2]


Much of the Delzoun wealth was gained by trading with the Netherese. They notably created the Fardrimm, a series of underground roads spanning the breadth of their empire and beyond into other areas of the North. The most famous of these underground roads was the Lowroad which linked the Delzoun lands with Netheril.[1]


The name survives as a middle name among modern day dwarves, one of much prestige.<ref>R.A. Salvatore (2007). The Hunter's Blades Trilogy Collectors Edition. (Wizards of the Coast), p. 207. ISBN 9780786943159. </ref>


The dwarves completed construction of Citadel Felbarr in -1900 DR.[1]

The Illuskan Maerin Immar commissioned a number of Delzoun artisans, including Fardelver, to construct Gauntlgrym in -335 DR.[1]

Citadel Sundbarr and Ascalhorn accepted human refugees from the recently fallen Netheril in -333 DR. In the same year, the dwarves begin to slowly abandon Ascore.[1]

In the Year of Terrible Anger, -111 DR, the Delzoun fell prey to the same orc assaults that devastate other kingdoms of the North.[1]

In -100 DR, Delzoun fell to the phaerimms and other dangers. Surface settlements including Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Mithral Hall, and Sundabar survived the fall but the underground settlements did not.[1]


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