Also known as gehreleths, demodands were said to have been fashioned by one of the baernoloths, primal creations of Evil and exiled because of their chaotic taint.[1]


Demodands were encountered in 1357 DR on the plane of Tarterus by the Companions of the Hall.[2] As of 1372 DR, they dwelt on the Supreme Throne.[3]


The gehreleths worshiped or honored a patron deity called Apomps the Three-sided One, a renegade baernaloth who was exiled to Carceri for the act of creating them.[1]


The farastu and the kelubar could undergo a lengthy and painful process of self-liquefaction into the secretion they most frequently exuded.[4] These pools of tar and slime could be bottled and stored for centuries as a kind of "instant army".[4] They were led by the shator, a race of shaggy scribes.[4]



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