A demonologist was a mortal who devoted his or her life to the study of demons. He or she was practiced in dealing with them, fighting them, and using them for their own gain. They even gained some demon abilities due to their studies and devotion to the fiends of the Abyss. Demonologists were always evil, although they might not have thought of themselves as such.

Background InformationEdit

Most demonologists were once wizards or sorcerers, although bards who delved into evil lore also frequently met the requirements of the class.

Demonologists saw themselves as researchers and keepers of lore that most people couldn't handle. Thus, they often sequestered themselves away in libraries of dark knowledge. They attempted to deal with demons on an equal footing — an extremely dangerous undertaking — and rarely interacted with mortals. When demonologists saw the need, they emerged from their studies and used their dark powers to take or do what they wanted; then they returned to their books and summoning circles. Adventurers sometimes came into conflict with demonologists who were after some rare bit of lore or a magic item that the adventurers possessed. At other times adventurers needed the help of demonologists in order to plan a fight against demons or in order to acquire supernatural aid or information.

Class FeaturesEdit

In addition to a Charisma-based spell list all their own, demonologists had the following class features.

Charm Demon
1st level demonologists could attempt to charm chaotic evil outsiders, as the charm person spell.
Quasit Familiar
At 2nd level, the demonologist gained a quasit as a familiar, regardless of whether they wanted it. If they already had a familiar, the quasit ate it and took its place. (The demonologist suffers no XP loss due to this.)
Summoning Mastery
3rd level demonologists treated any summon monster spell to summon a chaotic evil outsider as the equivalent spell two levels higher.
4th level demonologists gained substantial resistance to acid, cold, fire, and electricity.
Poison Immunity
5th level demonologists were immune to poison.
Hold Demon
7th level demonologists could attempt to hold a chaotic evil outsider.
8th level demonologists could communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language.
Dominate Demon
10th level demonologists could attempt to dominate a chaotic evil outsider.