Deriel Rethslane was a moon elf scout living in Cormanthor.[1]


Deriel lived in the woods of Cormanthor for a century until she met the drow merchant Arrizz and the two fell in love.[1]

During the Rage of Demons, however, Arrizz was captured by the Red Plumes and destined to go to the Hillsfar Arena. Deriel negotiated an exchange for him: she would delivere to them worthy fighters and they would release Arrizz.[1]

She saw an adventuring party asking about the Tinfellow family and decided they would be a good choice. So she tried to lure them into an ambush of the Red Plumes.[1] Despite this, Deriel was eventually betrayed by Breex Vandermast and she was also sent to the Arena without news about her lover.[2]


Deriel had the habit of chewing on her thumbnail when listening to others speaking. She had little patience for debate or contemplation. Deriel's main goal was protecting the harmony of nature, and defending elven people.[1]




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