Derval's Bright Blade was a weapon-smithy in Daggerford on the Sword Coast in the late 1360s DR, owned by the dwarf master smith Derval Ironeater.[1][2]


Of the smithies in town, Derval's was the best and largest, and certainly better than Cromach and Wayfel. His work was much sought after by fighters, and considered the best anywhere between Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep. Derval would say so himself.[1][2]


It lay in Daggerford's Money Quarter on the High Road, between Kryptgarden Scrolls and Cromach's house, and behind the Jeweller's Congress.[3]


It was a large building, with pale-brown walls and roof tiles and gabled dormers on the attic level.[3]

The backyard of the smithy was full of tools that Ironeater dwarves had created and used for stone construction projects around Daggerford over the years.[2]


At the smithy, Derval focused on weaponry, forging swords, axes, and spear heads.[1][2] His prices were high compared to other weaponsmiths.[2]


Derval's Bright Blade was well established by 1367 DR,[1] and still going strong through 1370 DR.[2]



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