The Desert's Virtues was a group of islands in the Great Sea west of the Genie's Turban.[1]

Description Edit

The Desert's Virtues consisted of three small main islands: the Camel's Hump, the Chador and the Dune. The Camel's Hump and the Chador both had small villages scattered near their coves. These were usually ruled by former corsair Captain's. Rumors abounded that some corsairs kept secret stashes of gold and treasure hidden on these islands.[1]

The Camel's Hump Edit

This island received its name from the lone elevation that formed a gradual peak resembling a camel's hump.[1]

The Chador Edit

Two elevations that looked like eyeholes in a moralist's robe served as inspiration for naming this island.[1]

The Dune Edit

Composed completely of sand, this island often served for marooning those who displeased the Captain's. Because of this it was also known as Solitude or the Isle of Exile.[1]

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