Desther Indelayne is an antagonist in the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights. After the plague breaks out in Neverwinter, Desther and followers of his arrive, claiming to be priests of Helm sent to help cure the plague with their blessings. Upon the successful creation of a cure for the plague, Desther takes this potion and retreats through a portal to Helm's Hold. It is learned that Desther was actually an agent of Maugrim sent to Neverwinter to help spread the plague through his followers' "blessings" and that he and his false Helmites had killed the true Helmites and taken Helm's Hold as their base of operations. The hero follows Desther through his escape portal to Helm's Hold, confronting him there and defeating him in combat. Desther is then taken back to Neverwinter to face judgment and is executed for his crimes along with Fenthick, who is wrongly denounced as having been in conspiracy with him.

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