Detect psionics was an arcane divination spell that served as a magical counterpart to psionic sense, allowing a mage to detect psionic creatures and activity.[1]


The detect psionics spell functioned as a magical version of the psionic devotion psionic sense, enabling its user to sense all psionic activity within a distance from themselves. The power of the caster determined this distance and the type of information acquired, whether there were psionic creatures present, how powerful was the psionic activity, and the direction and distance to the activity.[1]


The spell required verbal, somatic, and material components.[1]


The Halruaan mage Daltim Flamefist, a noted scholar on psionics, gave details of the detect psionics spell to his fellow mages at a symposium of wizards in Halruaa in the 1360s DR.[1]


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