Prince Dethud Tanthul was perhaps the most reserved of the twelve princes of Netheril. His reputation for silence was famous throughout the City of Shade; he rarely spoke directly to anyone, and when he did, it was usually with the voice of wisdom.[citation needed]

Among the royal family, Dethud was the closest thing to a peacemaker. The other eleven princes continued to seek Dethud's advice on many of their most vexing problems and private quarrels. Dethud rarely took sides in such matters, but analyzed the situation and offered incisive, logical solutions.[citation needed]

The High Prince often included Dethud in military or political councils, making the quiet prince more influential than most of his brethren. When pressed for his opinion regarding the best means of achieving his father's goal of conquest, Dethud favored Melegaunt's policy of manipulation.[citation needed]


Prince Dethud's personal sigil was a stylized black sunburst on a pale yellow field.[citation needed]


Dethud had two daughters, Manarlume Tanthul and Lelavdra Tanthul.[2]


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