Deularla "Hightower" Ithruen was a gold elf wizard and adventurer from Evermeet who resided in Cormyr in 1367 DR.[1]


Deularla used her spellcasting abilities as an adventurer in the Six Splendid Swords band.[1]


Though not initially attracted to him, Deularla eventually became smitten with a fellow adventurer and member of the Six Splendid Swords, Dunman Kiriag. They were married shortly thereafter.[1]


Deularla was killed by a dragon's fiery breath. She used her last ounce of strength to cast a spell enabling her essence into her husband. Her spirit lived within Dunman, warning him of danger and helping him to recall obscure memories. On occasion she would use Dunman's body to speak to others as herself.[1]



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