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Devane was the Helmite Bishop of Maztica in 1362 DR.[2]


He was a protégée of the late Bishop Domincus of Amn and communicated with the bishop through magical means until Domincus was sacrificed to Zaltec by the Viperhands.[3]

Because of his relationship with Domincus, the Council of Six selected Devane as the chief priest on the second Maztican expedition. Devane was given a flying carpet to ride and he used this magical device to impress the natives. Devane was initially loyal to Don Vaez, the expedition's leader, but switched allegiance to Cordell shortly before the second battle of Ulatos.[3] Devane fought bravely during the battle and was later promoted to bishop.[4]

In 1362 DR, the Helmite missionary Mirandos went missing with a small group of Payit warriors and Bishop Devane commissioned a group of adventurers to track her down and bring her back if possible.[1]



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