Devils were a lawful evil race of fiends who hailed from the Nine Hells of Baator, a dominion of the Astral Sea ruled over by the god Asmodeus. True to their alignment, devils were locked into a strict hierarchy which culminated with the Lords of the Nine, the powerful rulers of the Hells.

Types of devilsEdit

There were many different kinds of devils, including some subcategories.

The most common and numerous race of devils.
Abishai were a subgroup of baatezu created by Tiamat.

Other DevilsEdit

  • Imp- small, weak devils with bat-likes wings and a venomous, scorpion-like tail.
  • Hellcat- also called bezekira, hellcats were massive, stealthy feline devils.
  • Hellwasp devil- large, wasp-like devils with a hive mind and alien intelligence.
  • Chain devil
  • Fimbrul devil- icy, humanoid devils that could sap heat from living beings.
  • Seared devil- humanoid devils that appeared horribly burned.
  • Tar devil- humanoid, horned devils that oozed a tar-like substance from their skin.
  • Succubus


Main article: Archdevil

Archdevils, also called the Lords of the Nine, were the the rulers of the devils and of Baator (the Nine Hells). They were each powerful, unique devils and were also archfiends.



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