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Devils were a lawful evil race of fiends who hailed from the Nine Hells of Baator, a dominion of the Astral Sea ruled over by the god Asmodeus. True to their alignment, devils were locked into a strict hierarchy which culminated with the Lords of the Nine, the powerful rulers of the Hells.

Types of devilsEdit


Main article: Baatezu

This ruling class of devils ruled tyrannically over their domains in Baator.


Main article: Abishai

Abishai were a subgroup of baatezu created by Tiamat.


Main article: Imp

Imps were relatively weak devils typically used as wizards' familiars.

Other TypesEdit

Alu-fiendArchdevilCambionChain devilDesert devilDuergarGorechain devilHellcatHellfire engineInfernal armor animusKalabonMisfortune devilShocktroop devilSuccubusWithering devil





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Least: AdvespaLemureNupperibo
Lesser: AbishaiBarbazuHamatulaMalebrancheSpinagon
Greater: AmnizuCornugonErinyesGelugonOsyluthPit fiend
Miscellaneous Devils
Alu-fiendArchdevilCambionDuergarHellcatHellwasp devilImpSuccubus

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