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The diatryma was a large, flightless bird native to the Underdark.[4]


The gigantic bird was about 8 ft (2.4 m)[5] - 12 ft tall.(3.7 m)[6] Its short wings rendered it flightless.[6] It had a thick neck and a deadly powerful hooked beak.[5]


The drow used their hugely plumed feathers for decoration.[4] The mercenary, Jarlaxle, sported one of these on his wide brimmed hat, as ornamental and as a functional magical item.[7] By blowing into the feather, Jarlaxle was able to summon a diatryma bird.[8]



  1. The 5th edition statistics for the axe beak were used, as per the identification made in the Dragon article.
  2. The 1st edition statistics for the phororhacos were used instead of the axe beak, since the Dragon article proposes it as a better approximation due to its height.




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